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Aja Registrars Germany
Internationale Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH

Always on course with quality

AJA Registrars is an independent, accredited certification body operating from a global network and serving more than 14,000 customers worldwide.
AJA Registrars Germany was set up in 2006. We focus on the certification of management systems and the preparation and issue of certification (e. g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP etc.). We also offer comprehensive training and special courses.

AJA Registrars Germany GmbH operates independently of a parent company. Advisory services and certification are run separately, thus maintaining complete integrity.

AJA Registrars Germany GmbH offers a huge range of services for all different branches. We have clients in all business and industrial sectors and in the hotel trade. Our clients operate at national and/or international level and employ up to 20,000 people. Our biggest client has more than 1,250 subsidiaries worldwide. AJA Registrars Germany GmbH is flexible, fast, efficient. We offer your company full support, helping you to secure a position on the market, successfully and with an eye to the future - invariably according to our principle:

Always on course with quality.

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