Zertifizierungen, ISO 50001
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ISO 50001

(accredited by ANAB, please see the ajaregistrarsgroup.com for more details.)

Why ISO 50001?

Operating an ISO 50001 management system can result in reduced waste and energy use, improve efficiency and provide a means of identifying and evaluating compliance against required regulatory. The standard is intended to provide organizations with a recognized framework for integrating energy performance into their management practices. Multinational organizations will have access to a single, harmonized standard for implementation across the organization with a logical and consistent methodology for identifying and implementing improvements. An Accredited ISO 50001:2011 certificate another ways to complying with ESOS requirements in United Kingdom.

Benefits to your client.

Individual organizations cannot control energy prices, government policies or the global economy, but they can improve the way they manage energy in the here and now. Improved energy performance can provide rapid benefits for an organization by maximizing the use of its energy sources and energy-related assets, thus reducing both energy cost and consumption. The organization will also make positive contributions toward reducing depletion of energy resources and mitigating worldwide effects of energy use, such as global warming.

Why use AJA Registrars?

AJA Registrars is accredited under ANAB for a large in a range of industrial and commercial sectors and operates throughout the globe, ensuring that we have the expertise to fully understand your operations and your customer needs.

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